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Michael is artistic director of Red Wine Cinema –  - where he works with the internationally acclaimed producer Timothy Burrill. Twice chairman of BAFTA, Timothy has produced several OSCAR and BAFTA winning films. His full C.V. can be seen on the International Movie Data Base at:
Red Wine Cinema and Timothy Burrill currently have three films in development, all with screenplays by Michael Heath.


Legacy is a mystery thriller with a plot that twists and turns and keeps the audience guessing until the final surprising and shocking denouement reveals the unexpected truth. It highlights the emotive and little understood issue of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder suffered by soldiers who undergo combat. 
Legacy’s story evolves from the consequences of a covert S.A.S. operation  that resulted in a terrible secret. Almost a year after the event, a murder is committed in London and it soon becomes clear that someone knows of the clandestine operation and is setting out to take revenge upon those responsible.

conquered hearts Set in Jersey at the time of World War II, Conquered Hearts is both a mystery and an engaging romance that reveals the  power of love against the futility of war. It shows the  strength of the human spirit and the humour of the islanders as they endured the hardships, deprivation and oppression of five years of enforced German military rule. The narrative,  centring upon the family of Robert Legallienne, a Jersey G.P., is told through the eyes of his daughter Belle and leads the audience through the  years of occupation, with a surprise twist in the tail that is not revealed until the final scene.
willow moon In the summer of 2012, a successful English businessman attends a London auction and purchases a famous painting - the Willow Moon - only to be confronted by a young Chinese woman, called Lihua, who claims there is an important history to the painting of which he is unaware. As she begins to relate the intriguing story behind the famous picture, the audience is taken back in time to Shaanxi province in China, to the year 1872. The saga unfolds in an exciting romantic adventure story set in rural China of the period and eventually brings the story of the painting and those whose lives are affected by it full circle to the present day
devereux TV DRAMA SCRIPT – The success of the novel Devereux ...and a question of class has led to a script for a four part TV drama of the story which is currently in development.