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praesidium When an African diplomat dies in his hotel room from a heart attack after buying the services of a call girl, freelance reporter Josh Brody discovers the case is being covered-up. Sensing the possibility of a big story, the journalist begins to uncover the extraordinary truth. His enquiry takes him to Vienna where he slowly exposes a conspiracy more sinister and far reaching than he could possibly imagine. Faced with forces he cannot hope to defeat, Brody’s investigation not only puts his own life at risk but places his family and everything he loves in danger.
devereux London. 1935. Former military intelligence officer turned private detective, Clayton Devereux, is hired in secret by M.I.5 to investigate unofficially the disappearance of an agent who was working undercover to infiltrate a left wing plot. What Devereux’s clandestine enquiry reveals will shake the very foundations of the pre-war British establishment.
legacy When a murdered Iraq war veteran is found naked and crucified to the floor, D.C.I. Paul Chard begins a tortuous race against time to catch the killer before he can reach his second victim. As the trail of investigation twists and turns, why does Chard find his every step blocked by military intelligence? The answer lies in the killer’s last act – that sends shock waves reverberating around the world.
conquered hearts The discovery of a skeleton on a Jersey farm leads a local reporter to elderly Belle Legallienne, whose amazing story takes the journalist back seventy years to the German occupation. In a tale that relates the strength of spirit and humour with which the Legallienne family and the entire island population endured the hardships and oppression of Nazi rule, the eighteen year old Belle grows to womanhood and her gripping tale of courage and daring reveals a surprise twist that provides the answer to a decades long murder mystery.
willow moon A painting of the rare lunar eclipse known as The Willow Moon sells at Christie’s for a record price. The extraordinary history of the painting and its strange and wonderful journey to modern-day London leads the unsuspecting buyer back to 1872 and the Chinese village of Tián Shuĩ, where he discovers a violent story of courage, trust and the enduring love between Victorian trader Richard Covington and the beautiful Lihua.
albion In Switzerland a British tourist dies suspiciously on the ski slopes. In Russia a top scientist conducts cutting-edge research under the scrutiny of the state secret police. In France a world-weary detective hunts Arab terrorists bombing the streets of Paris. In England the Special Intelligence Service secretly monitors an international conference of The World Health Organisation. As these apparently unrelated threads gradually converge, the fly caught in the spider’s web is Alan Russell, a British Government interpreter. On a quiet road his vehicle collides with a car driven by Nina Petrova, an attractive Russian journalist. The consequences of that seemingly innocent collision reach to the very top of British Intelligence and change Russell's life for ever. He is overtaken by events beyond his control and plunged into the callous and violent reality that is the world of espionage, leaving him no choice but to participate in The Albion Conspiracy.